[Wednesday – April 7th – 2021]

New track and composer’s commentary

Takushī! – [link redirects to full article on]

[Tuesday – April 6th – 2021]

New track and composer’s commentary

Tokaido Time – [link redirects to full article on]

[Friday – April 2nd – 2021]

New for 2021 – The Liquid Sessions (Jazz Piano Sketches)

Espresso Martini

Rum & Ginger

Passionfruit Skittles

Matsuri Kanpai

Last Orders

[all hyperlinks redirect to youtube in a new tab]

[Wednesday – August 19th – 2020]

[update] – each full score has been updated to open on a separate page after clicking on the composition title. The parts and video links are also clearly referenced in smaller font under the composition title itself.

  • new score uploaded this week can be found under ‘vocal compositions‘ – The Lord’s Prayer (SATB) – [full score] [2010]

[Friday – August 14th – 2020]

[update] – at present, a total of 22 compositions have been uploaded and archived in the scores section of the website so far. The currently uploaded scores span from 2008 – 2015. All scores are free to view/download and use in public subject to notifying and accrediting the composer on all such occasions.

Some scores also feature a hyperlink which redirects the user to a recording of the same piece on youtube. Alternatively, you can find hyperlinks to all youtube audio playlists under the media tab.

There will be many more uploads like this in the future. In the meanwhile, please enjoy what is available.

[Wednesday – August 12th – 2020]

[update] – 5 more complete pdf scores have been uploaded onto the website from between 2011 – 2014.

The score archive has been edited and sorted by instrument/ensemble, as opposed to year. There are literally hundreds more scores to be uploaded in due course, free of charge. If you wish to support the website and future works, please consider visiting the BMC profile linked on the scores page itself.

[Wednesday – August 5th – 2020]

[update] – pdf scores of some compositions are available to download free of charge. Please click on the ‘scores‘ tab in the menu for more information.

More pdf scores will be uploaded in due course free of charge.

The website has undergone a design overhaul. Recent music tracks will appear on the website homepage and you can find links to all recorded music playlists (with timecodes) and vlog playlists under the ‘media’ tab in the menu.

There are further substantial updates in the works, but the timeframe is unconfirmed so please check back periodically.

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